Friday, June 08, 2007

Head Cover

I have decided to be brave.....and post these photographs. lol
I am currently experiencing a Lupus flare, which has caused
my hair to fall out. It has happened twice before, but never
this bad.
Despite the shock of the severity, I am actually coping
quite well. I have ordered several hats, caps, scarves, and
turbans from and they suffice for work
and whenever I have to go out. When I am home, I just
"go free" and wear no head cover!
One thing about only takes seconds for my hair
to dry now!!! LOL.
Visit my other blog to read more about Lupus.

Monday, June 04, 2007


Finally, we have an actual closing date!!
June 15th, we will close on our house and
will be completely moved in by mid July.
We are so pumped and can not wait. On June
15, I will give my landlord his 30-day notice.
Between June 15 and July 15th, we will have
plenty of time to paint and prepare the house
for our move. I will be taking photographs throughout
the process and posting them stay tuned!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Process

My sweet Baby Girl.....then......................and now.

I've taken a small break from the house-buying process,
to make a slideshow/movie of Tessia-- beginning from
my preganacy through today. All the sweet memories have
given me a much needed break from the stress of the past several
weeks. It is hard to believe how time flies!!
We are within days of closing on the we will be
moving soon. Tessia and I have already begun packing.
We will both be happy to finally be in the house and have
this process over!