Monday, October 02, 2006

Back to Blogging!!!!

Hello....I am finally back to my blog and happy to be here!! I have been on Medical Leave for
the past 5 weeks, but now I am back and feeling better than ever!
I will post all the details this evening.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Return to Blogging

I am feeling much better these days.....and have decided to post a short note here today.
I am leaving soon....going to Memphis, TN for a short "mini-vacation".
Upon my return, I will post more details about the last few week's struggles
with Lupus, stress...and life in general! :)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Reasons Behind No Posts

I have not been posting recently....and probably won't be for a while.
I have not felt well and I am fighting a Lupus flare; to know more
about it, have a look at my 2nd blog.
I will be back!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Creative Digital Photos

Creative digital photos are a passion of mine! I love digital photography.
Here are a three examples of my most recent work.....with Tessia as my subject. :)

Monday, June 19, 2006

I'ma Believer Now......

Okay....remember how I spoke about Tessia and her friends seeing the lights go on and off in the empty townhome next to ours?? And how they heard noises too?
Well....I witnessed it for MYSELF last night! The girls had come in from outside and were scared to death....saying the lights were coming on and going off again. So, I went outside....and the townhouse was completely dark, but they said the lights were just on previous to me coming outside. SO....I peeked inside the door, through the rectangular window in the middle of the door. As I was peering in....the lights came on!!!!! OMG, it took my breath away!! The girls screamed and ran toward the street....and I just stood there....frozen. I started thinking.....trying to be "logical" and figured....maybe the owner had placed timers on the lights. I called him. He had NOT placed timers on the lights. I told him that there had been sounds coming from inside as well. He said he was on his way over and that he was calling the police. They were all over here in just a few minutes....with pistols drawn!! It was very dramatic. The posted themselves at the front and back doors....and the owner said he heard noises inside. The police entered first.....then the owner....after about 5 minutes they all came out and said that there was no sign of anyone!!! I insisted they go up in the attic and check as well. They did, but no sign of anyone. The police were questioning if perhaps "the intruders" could have escaped out the back door before they arrived on the scene. WE DO NOT KNOW. But it is all very mysterious. :(

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Beautiful Sunday Afternoon

This morning started out sunny.....then it got very dark, and cloudy; then the sun came out again; then
disappeared again, and now it is sunny with blue skies. Arkansas weather is so fickle! lol
Tessia, and her friends, Baylee, Nikki, and Erica had an outdoor pizza party at Tessia's father's house yesterday
evening. Tessia and Baylee spent the night over there..... and Tessia just came home around 30 minutes ago. She said they had a great time.
Tessia took her old skateboard, that is broken into 2 halves, over to her father's to get him to saw off the edges
to make them straight and smoother. She is going to use them as shelves in her room....which I think is a cool
idea. :)
I've posted a couple of photos that I took today; flowers on my front porch....and my Jeep and Tessia's Mustang.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saturday......Saturday.....and no plans! Yeah! lol I do not have any plans for today except for a little house cleaning, laundry, and other fun stuff like that. :)
I think it is supposed to rain sometime today....or tomorrow.
Tessia had 2 friends spend the night with her last night, Nikki and Baylee. They are convinced that the
townhouse next door, which is currently empty, has a "ghost" living there. They all said they
saw the lights go on and off last night. It is a 2-story townhouse....and I share the stair-wall with it. The girls
also said they heard the sounds of "running" up and down the stair-wall. oOOoOoOoH! I just laughed when
they told me....but they were completely serious. So, I walked outside and looked. The living room light
was on, but I did not see it flash or go off. Who knows. LOL
I am suppose to get a new back door today. The guy is suppose to come by and install it this morning. It
will be a regular steel door....and a screened storm door as well. I am looking forward to have that screen
door....I love opening the regular door and letting the breeze blow through the screen. :)
Yesterday, I spent 30 minutes in the Revenue Office, getting my new license plate and tags for the Jeep.
*WHEW*----sales tax in Arkansas is a real fright! One of those necessary evils in Life.
I've posted a few more of my "creative photography" shots that I took around Ozark, the town where I live.
Pomol8r (post more later),
This first one,
I have entitled "Captive Calf"

This second one, I have entitled "Ozark Hay Field"

Friday, June 16, 2006

Cool Once Again..... :)

The air unit has been fixed and it is once again cool in my office!!! YAY!!! lol
I am so spoiled. I remember when I was parents kept the house
air-conditioned in the summer, but kept it set really high.....and I don't ever remember
it being too hot. It is a different story keep my unit at home set on 69
during the day....and around 74 at night. I hear some people talking about not having
air-conditioning at all when they were young....and I can't imagine!!! I am thinking
that it could NOT have POSSIBLY been as HOT back then!! LOL Actually, I think
I am just spoiled. :)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Power Failure - OH NO

The air condition unit at my office went on the fritz...and it is HOTTER-N-HELL!!! It is definitely not conducive for a pleasant working environment. :(
The repairman was here a few minutes ago....just in time for us all to go home for the Oh well, perhaps tomorrow it will be better.....and by that, I mean COOLER-N-ICE!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

New Ride

I have a "new ride".
2004 Jeep Liberty Sport 4x4.
Tessia has now officially taken over the
Mustang. ;o)

The distinctive seven-slot grille. The round headlamps. Sixty years of unrivaled capability and toughness. Yes, Liberty is a direct descendant of the original legendary Jeep® vehicle. First designed to carry messages between U.S. Army units, now it carries you and your gear in complete comfort. Wherever you go, whatever you do ... only in a Jeep vehicle.

Liberty is Jeep’s compact sport utility, fitting into the Jeep lineup between the traditional Wrangler and the flagship Grand Cherokee. The Liberty is the product of more than 60 years of Jeep experience and was introduced in the spring of 2001 as a replacement of the Cherokee.

Mine has a
3.7L 210hp V6 engine


Well.....we got back from Panama City Beach, Florida on Sunday, June 11. We had such a wonderful time...and the weather was PERFECT the entire time we were there. Tessia and Kayla enjoyed themselves so much, and were so happy to have met so many BOYS!!! LOL
Also, I allowed them to have their belly buttons pierced while they were there....we called Kayla's mother to get permission for her. They are so proud of their piercings! :) They also got henna tattoos, which last about 4 weeks.
The beach was so was not too hot and we enjoyed every aspect of our trip!! We took a moonlight, sailboat dolphin cruise on the lat night. It was nice and we were able to see several dolphins. I did get just a bit sea sick....but it was not too bad. :(
I've posted several photos from our trip.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Rain, Rain, Rain

It is raining...once again! We need the rain, but I could certainly do without the thunderstorms.
We are gearing up for Florida!! I sure hope the weather is nicer there than it has been here for the last few days.
I got together with a long-lost friend recently, and it sure was nice. Friends are hard to come by, so I was happy to re-establish that relationship.
I have not uploaded any more of the 50's wedding photos yet. I probably won't get to it until I return from Florida.
Today on my lunch break, I have to go to Wal-Mart and print the photos of all my co-workers. I've got to get them to the boss so she can get them with the scrapbook pages for the retirement party on Friday.
I thought I would post some of my "creative photographs" here today. The first photo is one I took of my reading glasses lying on one of my favorite books, Conversations With the Fat Girl by Liza Palmer. The second photo is a coaster and glass jar filled with coffee beans that sits on my sofa table at home. Sometimes, I see beauty or interest in things that others do not see..and I have to photograph it. :)
I will post more later,

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Boppin' Back to the 50's

The wedding was really cute....casual, and fun. After it was over, the happy couple left for their honeymoon in Colorado. I have posted a few photos here....I have more and will post them at a later time.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Is It Summer Yet?? is JUNE already!! Tessia and Kayla are getting excited about our trip to Panama City Beach, Florida.....we leave soon. We will drive halfway (approx.) to Tupelo, MS and spend the night. Then, we will drive on in to Edgewater Beach Resort (in the photo). I am thinking we will get there around check in time, which is 3pm.
I absolutely love the beach! Give me a beach towel, lounge chair with umbrella, a cool drink, and a good book....and I will be in heaven. :)
Last night, Tessia and Kayla went to a neighbor's house (Cody and Colton) to watch a movie. Kayla's mom called me around 10:30 and needed her at the VFW to help decorate for their Sock-Hop wedding and reception that is tonight at 7pm. They were there until around 11:30 decorating and rehearsing.
The sun is finally shining here today. It has rained for the past several days.
Today, I will be going around the office taking photographs of everyone in the office. The County Administrator is making a Memory Book for the DCFS Supervisor (Gary Briley) who is retiring on the 9th of June....and she needs photos of everyone. Each person will get their own page to decorate and add their photo....then all the pages will be placed in a Memory Book and given to Gary at his Retirement Party. to work.
Post More Later,

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Short Week

Tomorrow is Thursday all ready! This has been a short week!! Yeah, it is almost FRIDAY again! lol
Well, today was Tessia's LAST DAY of 8th grade....and she is now "officially" a FRESHMAN! Oh
is hard to hard, in fact, I think I will NOT believe it!! lmao
My baby girl is not a baby anymore. :o(
I am very proud of her (can you tell??).
She has gone over to Kayla's house tonight to spend the night....and Kayla's mother is
getting married Friday. ( 2nd marriage) Tomorrow, Tessia and Kayla will be helping to decorate the
venue for the 50's SockHop themed wedding! It sounds like so much fun....they will all
be dressed as "the 50's"....poodle skirts and all! They have invited Tessia and me....and I
think it will be a lot of fun. The reception is going to be an actual "sock hop" dance. I'll have to be
sure to take my I will have photos to post here! :)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

It was a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend for Tessia and me. We spent most of it at Cove Lake in Paris, Arkansas....which is near Mt. Magazine. The first day we went, the weather was PERFECT. Tessia and Baylee met up with some guys that they used to go to school with last year, but who had moved to Paris. They all had a blast. The second day we went, the weather was good for about 2 hours, the girls rented a paddle boat and had a blast......then clouds began to roll in and it began to rain. We stayed there for a bit in the rain, because there did not seem to be any lightening. However, after about 30 minutes, I noticed lightening....and I waved to the girls for them to come in out of the water. As they began to make their way out of the lake, a huge lightening bolt struck and a LOUD clap of thunder rang out!! It was frightening, and made EVERYONE get out of the water in a hurry!!! Everyone was saying that they felt the lightening through the water....they said it felt like an electric fence jolt! It scared me to death!!! But, everyone got out all right....and we left.
All in all, it was a really nice weekend...spent with my daughter. :)

Friday, May 26, 2006

Hooray for The Geek Squad!!!

I was at The Geek Squad at Best Buy last night in Fort Smith....I took
Tessia's computer for repair. He opened it up....hook it up to their
diagnostics and discovered it had been hit by lightening!!! So, I have
to buy a new power supply. However, because it is a Gateway
computer, The Geek Squad can't order the part...I have to order it
directly...then bring the CPU and part back to them...and they will
install it...clean up the hard drive, etc...and it will be ready.
I ordered the part this morning...she said it would be in by the middle
of next week. So, hopefully, I will have a home computer by the June 2 or 3!!!
The Geek Squad guy also said that Tessia had several viruses and spyware
that he will remove and I am purchasing a powerful virus protector, firewall,
and spyware buster.
Whew! lol

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hot Thursday

Been crankin' up that air conditioner!!! WHEW! I even had to buy a fan for my office because the air conditioner can't seem to keep up.
There has not been anything exciting happening lately. The work day is almost over and it has been a GOOD day.
I've posted a few more photos today:

This is what Tessia gave me for Mother's Day; a Willow Tree "Mother & Daughter"
I absolutely love it!!

This is the pizza plate I painted last Saturday
at Hue & Me: Paint Your Own Pottery Studio.

And this is me, being silly. LOL

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Blah blah blah

The Snitch, the backstabber, the fake
As dangerous as a poisonous snake
She’s got my pity however,
For she’s too dumb to be clever
To selfish and arrogant to realize
That friendship is a great prize
Anyone can win and gain
Without backstabbing pain.
Just not the Snitch
Her we’ll quickly ditch –Because she’s just a Snitch
----By Birgit and Roger Pratcher

Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday Lunch Break

Today is sunny and H O T. Temps getting up above 90F today. *whew* I am such a wimp! lol
Well, I did not stay home and read yesterday; Tessia and I drove the 36 miles up to Mt. Magazine, just outside of Paris, Arkansas. The new lodge and cabins were recently completed and are now open to the public. It is really beautiful up there! I have attached several photographs from our trip.

This was on Highway 309, just outside of Paris, AR.
I thought the shape of these trees was very interesting.

Below is a photo of the Lodge, back in the distance
I took it from the Hang Glider's Launcing site.

This is one of the many cabins; all of them have
a great view and a hot tub on the deck.

This is the entrance to where the hang glider's

These next 3 pics are of the actual launching area for the hang gliders....Tess in the last one.

A closer view of one of the cabins

This is the deck of the cabin in the above photo

Tess and I, standing on the hang glider launch site.

This is one of the many scenic overlooks

This was taken from the above scenic overlook,
looking back toward the road

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunday Morning

Well, summer is HERE. The heat has moved in and my air conditioner has come on!!! lol
Yesterday, Tessia and I went to Fort Smith for some shopping....and she got her hair cut. She had Dell, her hairdresser, take off about 4 inches!! I think it looks really good, but Tess was a little disappointed; she said it was too short. I think it was just too drastic of a change...and once she has time to get used to it, she will like it. While we were there, 4 or 5 girls were also there getting their "prom hair" done. Last night was Senior Prom in Fort Smith. The mother of one of the girls was there and she was talking about how she wished she had brought her camera to take photos. Well, as it happens, I had my brand new Sony Digital Camera in my purse! :)
So, I took photos of her daughter and emailed them to her this morning.
Tessia and I also drove to downtown Fort Smith to go to our favorite Internet Cafe...only to find it had gone out of business!! I was so disappointed. So, instead, we went to one of our other favorite places in Fort Smith....."Hue and Me"....a "paint your own pottery" studio. Tessia painted a small container shaped like a die, and I painted a plate shaped like a slice of pizza. We always have fun there.
Today, I am going to do a little laundry and read some in my current, fiction book, Night Swimming by Robin Schwarz. Here is a synopsis:
Charlotte Clapp is dying. With only one year left to live, Charlotte has decided to do just that--live. On her last day at work she steals $2 million, fakes her suicide, and heads to Los Angeles. Charlotte dubs herself Blossom McBeal (after connecting with the obituary of an 88-year-old rabble rouser), buys an apartment, and finds herself falling in love with the pool boy. The cops back home suspect Charlotte's staged crime scene and start tracking her down.