Monday, June 19, 2006

I'ma Believer Now......

Okay....remember how I spoke about Tessia and her friends seeing the lights go on and off in the empty townhome next to ours?? And how they heard noises too?
Well....I witnessed it for MYSELF last night! The girls had come in from outside and were scared to death....saying the lights were coming on and going off again. So, I went outside....and the townhouse was completely dark, but they said the lights were just on previous to me coming outside. SO....I peeked inside the door, through the rectangular window in the middle of the door. As I was peering in....the lights came on!!!!! OMG, it took my breath away!! The girls screamed and ran toward the street....and I just stood there....frozen. I started thinking.....trying to be "logical" and figured....maybe the owner had placed timers on the lights. I called him. He had NOT placed timers on the lights. I told him that there had been sounds coming from inside as well. He said he was on his way over and that he was calling the police. They were all over here in just a few minutes....with pistols drawn!! It was very dramatic. The posted themselves at the front and back doors....and the owner said he heard noises inside. The police entered first.....then the owner....after about 5 minutes they all came out and said that there was no sign of anyone!!! I insisted they go up in the attic and check as well. They did, but no sign of anyone. The police were questioning if perhaps "the intruders" could have escaped out the back door before they arrived on the scene. WE DO NOT KNOW. But it is all very mysterious. :(

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Kim said...

Okay, I just tried to post a comment, and it didn't show up. That's weird...I'll try it again. If you get two, you'll know why. :)

Maybe it was just some kids messing around? You never know about these things, though. Jamie and I watch a lot of those Ghost Hunter type shows, and it's amazing the things that can happen. Have you done any research on the property, who may have lived there, what may have happened in the past, etc.?