Tuesday, June 13, 2006

New Ride

I have a "new ride".
2004 Jeep Liberty Sport 4x4.
Tessia has now officially taken over the
Mustang. ;o)

The distinctive seven-slot grille. The round headlamps. Sixty years of unrivaled capability and toughness. Yes, Liberty is a direct descendant of the original legendary Jeep® vehicle. First designed to carry messages between U.S. Army units, now it carries you and your gear in complete comfort. Wherever you go, whatever you do ... only in a Jeep vehicle.

Liberty is Jeep’s compact sport utility, fitting into the Jeep lineup between the traditional Wrangler and the flagship Grand Cherokee. The Liberty is the product of more than 60 years of Jeep experience and was introduced in the spring of 2001 as a replacement of the Cherokee.

Mine has a
3.7L 210hp V6 engine


Ed said...

I can picture you driving that Jeep - right hand on the wheel, left arm on the window, big smile on your face. That smile is the best of all.
Good luck with the Jeep Cyn - I know you will enjoy it.

Kim said...

Fabulous! What kind of car did you have before? Is this your first time owing an SUV? I've always wanted one, but I right now I don't think I could afford the gas.

I can't believe you lived in New Albany! My mom grew up there and we visited my grandparents there every summer when I was growing up. I miss it. It was funy, Jamie and I went to Atlanta recently, and on the way back, we stopped to eat and I didn't really pay much attention to where we exited. As we were eating, I suddenly looked up and saw "Welcome to your New Albany Pizza Hut." I was so excited, I kept asking the people who worked there "Is this New Albany? Are we in New Albany??" I hadn't been back there since Middle School when my grandma moved away. No one else was excited, though. Anyway, yup it is a very small world.