Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saturday......Saturday.....and no plans! Yeah! lol I do not have any plans for today except for a little house cleaning, laundry, and other fun stuff like that. :)
I think it is supposed to rain sometime today....or tomorrow.
Tessia had 2 friends spend the night with her last night, Nikki and Baylee. They are convinced that the
townhouse next door, which is currently empty, has a "ghost" living there. They all said they
saw the lights go on and off last night. It is a 2-story townhouse....and I share the stair-wall with it. The girls
also said they heard the sounds of "running" up and down the stair-wall. oOOoOoOoH! I just laughed when
they told me....but they were completely serious. So, I walked outside and looked. The living room light
was on, but I did not see it flash or go off. Who knows. LOL
I am suppose to get a new back door today. The guy is suppose to come by and install it this morning. It
will be a regular steel door....and a screened storm door as well. I am looking forward to have that screen
door....I love opening the regular door and letting the breeze blow through the screen. :)
Yesterday, I spent 30 minutes in the Revenue Office, getting my new license plate and tags for the Jeep.
*WHEW*----sales tax in Arkansas is a real fright! One of those necessary evils in Life.
I've posted a few more of my "creative photography" shots that I took around Ozark, the town where I live.
Pomol8r (post more later),
This first one,
I have entitled "Captive Calf"

This second one, I have entitled "Ozark Hay Field"

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