Sunday, June 18, 2006

Beautiful Sunday Afternoon

This morning started out sunny.....then it got very dark, and cloudy; then the sun came out again; then
disappeared again, and now it is sunny with blue skies. Arkansas weather is so fickle! lol
Tessia, and her friends, Baylee, Nikki, and Erica had an outdoor pizza party at Tessia's father's house yesterday
evening. Tessia and Baylee spent the night over there..... and Tessia just came home around 30 minutes ago. She said they had a great time.
Tessia took her old skateboard, that is broken into 2 halves, over to her father's to get him to saw off the edges
to make them straight and smoother. She is going to use them as shelves in her room....which I think is a cool
idea. :)
I've posted a couple of photos that I took today; flowers on my front porch....and my Jeep and Tessia's Mustang.

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