Friday, June 02, 2006

Is It Summer Yet?? is JUNE already!! Tessia and Kayla are getting excited about our trip to Panama City Beach, Florida.....we leave soon. We will drive halfway (approx.) to Tupelo, MS and spend the night. Then, we will drive on in to Edgewater Beach Resort (in the photo). I am thinking we will get there around check in time, which is 3pm.
I absolutely love the beach! Give me a beach towel, lounge chair with umbrella, a cool drink, and a good book....and I will be in heaven. :)
Last night, Tessia and Kayla went to a neighbor's house (Cody and Colton) to watch a movie. Kayla's mom called me around 10:30 and needed her at the VFW to help decorate for their Sock-Hop wedding and reception that is tonight at 7pm. They were there until around 11:30 decorating and rehearsing.
The sun is finally shining here today. It has rained for the past several days.
Today, I will be going around the office taking photographs of everyone in the office. The County Administrator is making a Memory Book for the DCFS Supervisor (Gary Briley) who is retiring on the 9th of June....and she needs photos of everyone. Each person will get their own page to decorate and add their photo....then all the pages will be placed in a Memory Book and given to Gary at his Retirement Party. to work.
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Kim said...

I'm so jealous of your upcoming vacation...I need a vacation! It's still just a little bit overcast here this morning, but I can see the sun peeking though. I think it's supposed to be a HOT weekend, though. Anyway, have fun at the wedding tonight!