Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Short Week

Tomorrow is Thursday all ready! This has been a short week!! Yeah, it is almost FRIDAY again! lol
Well, today was Tessia's LAST DAY of 8th grade....and she is now "officially" a FRESHMAN! Oh
is hard to hard, in fact, I think I will NOT believe it!! lmao
My baby girl is not a baby anymore. :o(
I am very proud of her (can you tell??).
She has gone over to Kayla's house tonight to spend the night....and Kayla's mother is
getting married Friday. ( 2nd marriage) Tomorrow, Tessia and Kayla will be helping to decorate the
venue for the 50's SockHop themed wedding! It sounds like so much fun....they will all
be dressed as "the 50's"....poodle skirts and all! They have invited Tessia and me....and I
think it will be a lot of fun. The reception is going to be an actual "sock hop" dance. I'll have to be
sure to take my I will have photos to post here! :)


c r y s t a l said...

wow! It's so hard to believe Tessia is a Freshman!! wow........I'm old.........

Mom Riddell said...

Hi, I'm Julie commented on my blog earlier...thanks. Yours looks really nice too. The girl my son married (Rachel) is from Greenforest AR (near Harrison). They met on the net but it turned out to be the right one! They moved up here to NC for their first year but now are near Nashville, halfway between us...expecting a baby in Jan (oh boy!). I was adopted as a baby and tho my adopted folks (now gone) named me Julie, my birthmother named me Cynthia. She now has a daughter by her husband with that name. She is a social worker in California (well, now moved to Oregon). So I thought that was interesting...the things in common there. It looks like you have a great relationship with your daughter and that's so cool. Mine had a baby (the one in those pics) and she left for California last summer and didn't keep in touch. Now she is back in our area and we are hoping we can somehow start a relationship with her. Just wanted to say thanks for visiting and that I'll mention your daughter in prayer as she starts out in High School. Take care!

Ed said...

Wow - a Freshman and that means driving lessons with a learner's permit too.
That wedding party sounds great - nothing like the good ole 50s music to dance to
You better have some pics to post of you dancing to them :)