Tuesday, May 16, 2006

First Post

Tessia and I are back to work/school after being off a week. We went to Little Rock to stay with my mother while she was hospitalized for a total knee replacement. Her surgery was May 9. By May 11, she was walking without assistance of any kind! She is amazing. I am so thankful that she continues to do well. I spoke with her this morning, and she is feeling better and better each day---already talking about going back to work!!! She is my hero - :)


Ed said...

The two of you certainly look happy at Hopecoming for the Razorbacks and Cynthia is definitely dressed for the occassion. I seem to remember seeing that sweatshirt once LOL

Ed said...

Cynthia you certainly look happy at the Homecoming for the Razorbacks and are definitely wearing the right sweatshirt for the occassion. But it looks like you are the only 2 in the stadium and if those were your seats, you must have been at field level. :)