Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday Lunch Break

Today is sunny and H O T. Temps getting up above 90F today. *whew* I am such a wimp! lol
Well, I did not stay home and read yesterday; Tessia and I drove the 36 miles up to Mt. Magazine, just outside of Paris, Arkansas. The new lodge and cabins were recently completed and are now open to the public. It is really beautiful up there! I have attached several photographs from our trip.

This was on Highway 309, just outside of Paris, AR.
I thought the shape of these trees was very interesting.

Below is a photo of the Lodge, back in the distance
I took it from the Hang Glider's Launcing site.

This is one of the many cabins; all of them have
a great view and a hot tub on the deck.

This is the entrance to where the hang glider's

These next 3 pics are of the actual launching area for the hang gliders....Tess in the last one.

A closer view of one of the cabins

This is the deck of the cabin in the above photo

Tess and I, standing on the hang glider launch site.

This is one of the many scenic overlooks

This was taken from the above scenic overlook,
looking back toward the road


Ed said...

Seems like a very nice place to just go and relax (and hang gliding is NOT relaxing to me LOL).
I like State Parks and their cabins - they are normally very rustic yet have the conveniences you look for - the hot tub is a definite plus since not many have them.
You take wonderful photos.

Kim said...

The pictures are beautiful! You are an excellent photographer. Glad you two had a good weekend! I may have to take a trip up there sometime as well. It's beautiful.

Joy said...

Okay, I just want to go there and live out my days in that cabin!
Beautiful! A great place for my dreamed of writer's retreat!
You were right, it is fantastic.
And those trees...
Hmmm, I'm picturing some interdementional portal there! lol!
I guess that's the writer in me.