Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday Friday Friday!!! :)

It is finally Friday! This morning was very cool...but the high today is suppose to get up to near 90F.
Tessia is riding the bus home with Bailey after school today and will be spending the night with her at her grandparent's house in the country. She will not be back home until sometime late on Saturday.
So....I will be all have been trying to think of something to do, but have not come up with anything spectacular yet. :)
I may travel to Fort Smith and go to Books-A-Million. That is one of my favorite places to spend time....and I can spend A LOT of time in there!
I need to go shopping for a new digital camera. In the last 4 years, I have gone through 2 digital cameras!!! I am not sure what happened to the first one, I think it just wore out. The second one was dropped several times (I won't name names) and now is not working properly. I've been without a camera now for over 2 weeks...and I simply can not stand it much longer.
Photography is my PASSION.
So, perhaps that is what I will do this a new camera!! :)

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