Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Teenage Driver :)

Tonight, Tessia is studying for her Driver's Test to earn her Learner's Permit. I don't believe she will have too much trouble with it. She has been looking over the book for 2 months and recently received the study guide from her school. The study guide has 4 pages of questions/answers and is suppose to be really helpful for new test takers. I am hoping she will earn her Learner's Permit soon....that way, she can help drive to Florida when we take our vacation! :)
We are taking a mini-vacation to Panama City Beach, Florida very soon. We will be staying at a friend's condo on the beach. It is called Edgewater Beach Resort, and it is very nice.
Click the link to read more about it. We are so excited and can not wait to go!!

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Ed said...

I sure hope you and Tessia enjoy your stay there and have great weather. You seemed to enjoy the place but this is her first visit there I believe. There should be a lot going on and it is always nice to hear the sound of the waves from the GULF hitting the shore - very relaxing.