Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hot Thursday

Been crankin' up that air conditioner!!! WHEW! I even had to buy a fan for my office because the air conditioner can't seem to keep up.
There has not been anything exciting happening lately. The work day is almost over and it has been a GOOD day.
I've posted a few more photos today:

This is what Tessia gave me for Mother's Day; a Willow Tree "Mother & Daughter"
I absolutely love it!!

This is the pizza plate I painted last Saturday
at Hue & Me: Paint Your Own Pottery Studio.

And this is me, being silly. LOL


Ed said...

I love that Willow Tree sculpture. Have seen them in different stores and always wondered about buying one for an Angel in my life.

Kim said...

Wow! That pizza plate is awesome! I always hate taking kids to those pottery places, because the result of my 3 hours of back breaking, hunched-over detailed painting is always so disappointing when I go pick it up. It never looks like I imagine it will, and I always just give it to the kids. Anyway, yours was amazing! You are obviously more artistic than I am. :)