Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

It was a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend for Tessia and me. We spent most of it at Cove Lake in Paris, Arkansas....which is near Mt. Magazine. The first day we went, the weather was PERFECT. Tessia and Baylee met up with some guys that they used to go to school with last year, but who had moved to Paris. They all had a blast. The second day we went, the weather was good for about 2 hours, the girls rented a paddle boat and had a blast......then clouds began to roll in and it began to rain. We stayed there for a bit in the rain, because there did not seem to be any lightening. However, after about 30 minutes, I noticed lightening....and I waved to the girls for them to come in out of the water. As they began to make their way out of the lake, a huge lightening bolt struck and a LOUD clap of thunder rang out!! It was frightening, and made EVERYONE get out of the water in a hurry!!! Everyone was saying that they felt the lightening through the water....they said it felt like an electric fence jolt! It scared me to death!!! But, everyone got out all right....and we left.
All in all, it was a really nice weekend...spent with my daughter. :)


Ed said...

Whew that is scary about the lightening. Glad you are all ok after that experience.
Cove Lake looks nice and not too crowded.
Happy that you had a nice weekend with your daughter.

Kim said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! That lightening experience sounds very frightening. I never really understood why they made people get out of the water when there was lightening. I just figured they were being over cautious, but I guess not! Geeze! Glad that everyone is safe and that you had a good weekend. The pictures make me want to go to the lake, now!