Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunday Morning

Well, summer is HERE. The heat has moved in and my air conditioner has come on!!! lol
Yesterday, Tessia and I went to Fort Smith for some shopping....and she got her hair cut. She had Dell, her hairdresser, take off about 4 inches!! I think it looks really good, but Tess was a little disappointed; she said it was too short. I think it was just too drastic of a change...and once she has time to get used to it, she will like it. While we were there, 4 or 5 girls were also there getting their "prom hair" done. Last night was Senior Prom in Fort Smith. The mother of one of the girls was there and she was talking about how she wished she had brought her camera to take photos. Well, as it happens, I had my brand new Sony Digital Camera in my purse! :)
So, I took photos of her daughter and emailed them to her this morning.
Tessia and I also drove to downtown Fort Smith to go to our favorite Internet Cafe...only to find it had gone out of business!! I was so disappointed. So, instead, we went to one of our other favorite places in Fort Smith....."Hue and Me"....a "paint your own pottery" studio. Tessia painted a small container shaped like a die, and I painted a plate shaped like a slice of pizza. We always have fun there.
Today, I am going to do a little laundry and read some in my current, fiction book, Night Swimming by Robin Schwarz. Here is a synopsis:
Charlotte Clapp is dying. With only one year left to live, Charlotte has decided to do just that--live. On her last day at work she steals $2 million, fakes her suicide, and heads to Los Angeles. Charlotte dubs herself Blossom McBeal (after connecting with the obituary of an 88-year-old rabble rouser), buys an apartment, and finds herself falling in love with the pool boy. The cops back home suspect Charlotte's staged crime scene and start tracking her down.

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Ed said...

Sounds like the two of you had a wonderful day in Ft. Smith. It has been a long time since I did ceramics but I did enjoy it - it is very relaxing.
That is a bummer about the Internet Cafe - some surprises are enjoyable; this one obviously was not!