Sunday, February 25, 2007

Weird Weather

Well, the weather has really been weird around here lately.
Yesterday at dusk, we had a dust storm or something like it.
The skies became brown and hazy...visibility was nearly nothing!
It was kind of scary.
On a lighter are some new photos of Tessia and Jasper!

I love this photo of Jasper....he was yawning!!
We were on the way to the Dog Park in Fort Smith.

I love this photo of Tess....the one time
she actually curled her hair and did not use
the flat iron! :)

Here are Kayla and Tessia with their I-Pod
Nanos. She does not go anywhere witout it!

This is the beautiful sunset at the Dog Park.

Jasper and Tessia at the Dog Park. He was one
happy doggie!
To see all the photos of Jasper and his trip to
the Dog Park, check out his blog:

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Linda said...

I enjoyed reading your personal blog- so glad you posted at my blog so I had a link to follow. Here are some notes I jotted down as I read through your blog:

Love your bumble bee tattoo and what a pretty, shapely ankle you have!

The pizza plate you painted is wonderful! What a great idea- I have never seen pizza plates before- and it is one of my favorite foods.

Congratulations on getting your college degree- what an incrediable achievement!

Love your photos- you are very good at photography. The picture of Jasper yawning is great. And I adored the photo of your daughter and friend made up like dolls- too cute! Gosh, they look a lot alike.

As for the bust you asked about...Are you thinking about learning to sculpt? it is a wonderful hobby and i bet you would love it. No, she was not done on a gourd. I made an armature out of styroform and sculpted her over it. You can see more photos of her here:
You can see photo albums of some of my work here:

Linda (Isabella's Human)