Thursday, May 10, 2007


"Recently a very thought provoking article appeared in More Magazine regarding home ownership and Single Women. It included a statistic from the NAR that Single women represented 21% of all buyers in 2005 and they bought at twice the rate of Single men! 21%! Thats a lot of Single Woman Homeowners!
The writer of the article, Lisa Scwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly Critic, tells us all the reasons why she was unable to make the move to homeownership. Some of her reasons, while sounding comical are also very valid.

1. Who needs the aggravation of upkeep?
2. In a rental apartment you can feel secure
3. Should't you be Hoarding your savings
4. What if I meet a man and he doesn't like my house?
5. What if I become too lonely?
6. Or too self sufficient?
7. My favorite, What if a tree falls on the house and there is no one around to hear?
8. What if people see me differently and not as "female" if I own a home?
9. How will I do everything, fix things, mow lawns, paint

Single women have evolved to such an extent, yet there are still those that are held back by feeling they just can't do it.
Here are some reasons why you can:

1. You probably have a certain amount of upkeep where you are anyway
2. You are no more secure in a rental than in your own home
3. Put your savings (not all) into an equity producing machine
4. Need I answer that one?
5. You will be lonely in an apartment also.
6. Great! You can never be too self sufficient!
7. Even if someone hears it, would it make any difference?
8. Who are these people?
9. You will learn and enjoy the learning"

----Karen Hurst, Associate Broker, Warwick, RI

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