Sunday, August 05, 2007

New Family Member

Meet Hollister, the newest member of our
family! He is a 4-year old, male Shih Tzu.
Since our little Jack passed, I decided to get be "Tessia's dog"....and let me
tell you, Hollister has really attached to
Tessia. He follows her where ever she goes
in the house and settles where ever she does.
I was listening to our local radio show called
"Dial-a-Deal", in which people call in live to
sell, give, or trade everything from cars and trucks
to goats and washing machines! Anyway, someone
called in and announced they had this little fellow
that they needed to find a good home for. I
immediately called their number and
arranged for a meeting. These people were keeping
him for their mother, who had to go into an
assisted living facility and could not take him
with her. After visiting for a while, I told them
that I would love to have him....and asked how much
they wanted for him. They shook their heads and said,
"oh no no, we do not want any money, we only want
a promise that he will have a good home." So, on that
promise, I left with Hollister!

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